7 Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to Our Planet on Earth Day

How to show support to our only home in few steps

Simona Hostakova


Today, our beautiful planet Earth celebrates its holiday. 22nd April is the day when “people and organizations demonstrate support for environmental protection”.

A simple gesture of gratitude for everything our planet provides for us can make a huge difference.

By following the tips below, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your time or money, yet you still provide enough support to the environment.

Plant a tree

Every year, we cut down around 900 million trees — almost 2,5 million trees per day.

So today, whether physically or virtually, plant one tree yourself. There are dozens of organizations where you can make it happen just with one dollar.

Help fulfill a goal of planting one billion trees or support recovery of Australian bushes after fires in 2019.

Take a quick shower

There are almost 800 million people in the world without access to safe drinking water.

Once you realize this harsh reality, brushing your teeth while leaving the tap running seems ridiculous. Same as taking long showers every day.

Water is a precious resource and foundation for life on Earth. Don’t waste it just because you can.

Don’t buy anything

Everything you purchase needs to be designed, made, and transported before you grab it from the shelf at your local store.

It’s painful to know how many products are made by underpaid people in the Third World. How business owners harm the environment in a race for quick money. And how many emissions this production cycle produces.

Sadly, all of this is happening due to our demand for cheap goods we buy just to pass free time or extra money.

Take a break and avoid purchasing useless stuff — at least today. Less is more, and real happiness doesn’t come from things anyway.

Disconnect & appreciate



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