10 Freelance Writing Opportunities for January/February 2022

10 companies looking for remote writers

Simona Hostakova


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Eleven Writing

Eleven has open positions for remote writers who can produce high-quality content, understand SEO, and have availability at least 12+ hours per week (or 4000+ words per week).

You need to have a degree or good experience in tech, finance, business, or marketing.

Be ready to write a 200-word sample as a part of the hiring process.

Apply for a writer job here.

They also look for remote editors, with the same requirements as for writers, stating that “Proofreading, copyediting or other editing qualifications are preferred but not essential.”

They offer very competitive hourly rates (depending on your expertise), and you can propose your rate first.

Apply for an editor job here.


ShoutVox offers services like articles & blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, newsletters, social media posts, landing page content, or SEO content.

They are looking for writers, but they didn’t specify any requirements (writing experience, preferred location/country).

You can give this opportunity a shot and submit your three best writing samples here.


SaaSpirin is a content agency with freelance opportunities for writers experienced in blogging about B2B and technology topics.

You need to understand SEO basics and be comfortable using G-docs for your work.

You can apply for this remote position here.

Craft Your Content

Craft Your Content is looking for high-quality, original, and creative posts with a minimum length of 1000 words, preferably…



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